This organic gathering for Peter + Matthew was at John Muir national park. These two make such a darling couple & they look so good in their suits.  I feel very lucky to have been included in their celebration. I met them at a summer solstice party exactly a year ago at Neighbor in piedmont (one of my favorite boutiques), when they had a little party in their backyard space. Matthew is an amazing florist, so it was nice to see his florals throughout. His florals are wild, romantic & decadent. I swear I get to see some mad love, and it's just lovley to be around. There is one photo right after the kiss where bubbles formed these magical spheres, and it made me cry when I saw it. I love when unexpected camera science magic happens. It was also great to see the familiar faces of the Piedmont crew, since I spend a good amount of time there. And a few faces I knew from when I use to live near hayes valley. Loved the down to earth vibe & good energy of this day. If you are ever in Piedmont you can get your tarot cards read by, The Hanged Man Co, now that they are based in Neighbor's back garden shed. Here's the photos from that summer solstice party that was so much fun to be a part of.