Currently finishing up this shoot I did a while back with a crew of talented women. It's rare to find time to do creative collaborations, but they are always soo fun + soul nourishing. And even tho we usually create a ton of Pinterest boards, each shoot always has a voice of its own. This shoot started with an idea Lorena @homesweetflowers had inspired by @katie.gong‘s love knots. If you ever get the chance to work with Lorena, do, she has such a lovely vibe all around. 

Erin's style @erinlovesfun  is colorful + modern, so it was interesting that our favorite dress from what we got from @loho_bride ended up being this grecian wrap dress. In my mind I was dreaming of pink pantsuits for her. But Erin became our goddess of love with snake jewelry from @metiersf. On my wish list BTW being year of the snake ;) Not that my husband would take this hint and go buy me gold snake jewelry with diamond eyes. Can't wait to see what Erin comes up with for her own wedding, you know it's gonna be awesome!

I love seeing how all the elements mingle, play, and form organically. That's my favorite part, the stuff you can't totally control, the stuff you create on the spot.  Tho I do love the unexpected which can be magical, I will say the light in the studio we got to shoot in was a doozy (30 foot ceiling where the only light came from a small skylight), when we thought we were shooting in a very window lit space. Lesson learned to always go check out a space pre-shoot.  I was def sweating trying to find the light that would do erin & everyones creations justice. I snooped around and found this super random concrete wall in a hallway inside the factory that had a vine growing up it. And just like that we got super lucky, I couldn't of imagined a more perfect wall. 

Thank you ladies for being the amazing artists that you all are. I feel special being amongst you.@erinlovesfun @homesweetflowers @metiersf @katie.gong @carmenbeatrice @loho_bride @marisaperel @lisesilva @bryrclogs @lordstanley_sf @chairsandcups