This engagement session started in a park in Piedmont, then over to Alameda. I loved how the blue organically emerged as a theme. It makes me think of the song “The blues are still blue,” by Belle & Sebastian. I know I might sound artsy-fartsy when I talk about colors and how the flaky texture of the trees was also happening on the old abandoned structures. This was a fun gorilla shoot, where I was unknowingly following a trail of color. That’s how art is, a unseen source that I can’t always put into words cuz that’s not my super power.

If I know the general area for a shoot I don’t usually go pre-scout out exact locations. And even if I’ve already done a shoot there, I look for new spots or for different light. I believe in giving every shoot the room to become it’s own thing. I’m good on my feet, and coming up with ideas and art direction on the spot. You never know what the light will look like, what colors you’d get in the sky, or what the mood and energy of a space will be till you are there.