*Prices may not be up to date. Feel free to update me. And please let these vendors know I referred you so they know I appreciate their work.



Home Sweet Flowers - Bridal bouquet starting at $180
Jaclyn Nesbitt
Thistle - Bridal bouquet starting at $180
Ampersand - Wrapped bouquets start at $25, small arrangements start at $45, everything is custom and customers are welcomed to name their own price
Loop Flowers
Farm Girl Flowers - Small bouquets start at $48 excluding shipping
The Petaler
Studio Mondine - One-off bouquet deliveries/pick up starts at $450
Mandolin Flower - Bouquets start at $175 but has a minimum order of $400 because they are a small studio focused on events and do not typically have flowers on hand.


Alicia Kasper - $250 for bride hair and makeup (located in Sacramento area, will travel for ~$75 fee to SF)
Priscilla Francine - $260 for bridal makeup, recommends working with Danielle Reyna for hair
Beauty by M - Madison - $350 for bride hair and makeup (located in Santa Cruz county, travel fee/mile); Bridesmaids $200 for both or $115 each  
Alana Halvorsen - $400 for bride hair and makeup
Salt Spell Beauty - $500 starting for bride hair and makeup
Marisa Perel - Bride hair and makeup $525; $125 hair, $125 makeup for friend/family
Maple + Moss - $560 for bride hair and makeup; $130 bridesmaid/family makeup, $120 bridesmaid/family hair; A La Carte services like rehearsal dinner, engagement photos; Morgan has pricing sheet
Kelly Jones - $600 for bride hair and makeup
April Foster Artistry - $900 minimum booking (bride + 2 others will fulfill this)


Officially Hitched - Rachael Tanner
Rhythm and Light - Lauren